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Setting up Electric Poultry Netting


We hope you will find these photo and video instructions useful; they should help you understand how to erect your electric poultry net.
Setting up Electric Poultry Netting

Setting up your own poultry/chicken netting is easier than you might think. Follow our instructions below to set up your own chicken netting

1. First cut/strim the grass where your poultry pen is to be sited and check that you have all the fencing components you need. Keep hold of the twine that the netting is tied with as this can be used later to tie posts, or sections of net together. 

2. Unroll the net, pushing the posts, which are already attached to the netting, firmly into the ground as you go. Don't worry if it's not exactly in the right place, it easy to reposition if necessary. 

3. If yours is a poultry netting kit, you will have a 1.5m gateway section, so don't forget to leave a space between the 1st and last posts of your net. The parting doesn't need to be as big as this mans!

4. How many men does it take to set up? You might be a little quicker without the help! 

5. Use guy lines at the corner posts to pull the net completely upright. You can increase tension by tying the line half way up the fence post rather than at the top. Make sure you peg the lines down firmly. Also, if your kit comes with additional support struts or fence posts, use these now to provide additional support at any points where the net sags, weave the supports/posts in and out down through the mesh... Try to get all strands of net apart from the bottom one off the ground.

6. The bottom line of netting isn't live, so once the net is in place, check carefully along the entire net for any lumps and bumps in the ground that are creating gaps that an animal could get under. Peg the bottom line down to close the gaps at these points, using the galvanised pegs provided. 

7. Find a convenient point near the fence to situate your earth spike. Make sure the spike isn't within 10m of any other earth system for example your house/outbuilding etc. 

8. Wire up your energiser making secure connections to your earth spike and the net. Turn on the power and use your fence tester to check the nets voltage. Any reading of 3000v or more means that the system is working. 

9. Enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

Complete installation of a Deluxe Poultry Netting Kit - from opening the box to testing the complete system.