How to stop cats pooping in your garden and protect your flowerbeds

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How to stop cats pooping in your garden and protect your flowerbeds


Do you experience one of the following problems?




stone martens

Rose bed destroyed, but found the bone.

On a world trip to the highway.

The neighbours cat using your garden as a toilet.

Stone martens that consider your roof as their home.


Your problem isn’t a problem anymore because we have the answer. Home, garden and kitchen remedies for these issues do not work for the long term. To keep your pets in and the neighbours pets out, the Electric Fence Kits from Gallagher are the perfect solution. Gallagher is the global market leader in Electric Fence Devices. If you want to and need to protect your garden and animals then the new Electric Fence Kits from Gallagher is the perfect solution.


Keeping unexpected animals in or out, isn’t as hard as you think. It is important to know that keeping these wild animals out is vital because they carry diseases, this will then be brought into your garden harming your animals, pets, or simply just your garden.


Purchasing one of the Gallagher Electric Fence Kits guarantees protection of your house, garden and pets. It is a humane and effective way to protect your pets and to stop neighbours pets from entering your property. It is easy to install and easy to expand!



New Gallagher Electric Fence Kits

Gallagher Starter Kit

This is the ideal kit to keep cats and other small predators out of your property. It provides electric fencing to prevent your dogs and cats from ruining those precious flower beds that we all work so hard to keep beautiful. One broken rose ruins the whole bed right? Interested in this products you can find it here.


garden kit


Gallagher Electric Fence Kit for Horses and Ponies

Gallagher starter kit for horses and ponies consist of everything that you need to set up a paddock for your horse or pony. This kit will keep your horses safe and is long lasting. The mild shock of the electric fence is an effective deterrent to keep horses from chewing on. Also, it holds the horse back from pushing through the pasture fence. Interested in the kit? You can find the electric fence kit for horses and ponies here.


horse kit



Gallagher garden Kit

A stray cat entering your house without permission is not ok! Or simply just using your garden as a toilet. This is the IDEAL kit for keeping (neighbours) pets out of your garden. This Garden Kit will give you everything you need to prevent this from happening. You can find this product here.


garden kit


Gallagher Cat Kit

As mentioned before the neighbour’s cat can be a burden for your garden. With this cat fencing kit the neighbour’s cat can no longer enter. The fencing kit is easy to install and effective to use. The kit can be found here.

  cat kit


Gallagher Poultry Kit

To ensure your chickens are kept safe it is important to have a good working electric fence. This will prevent foxes and other animals from entering your chicken coop. Get the kit here and safe your chickens.
  poultry kit

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