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Choosing a Battery Powered Energiser

Choosing a Battery Powered Energiser

A Rough Guide To determine which Energiser (Length of fence x the number of lines of tape/wire) + at least 50% for future expansion.

Use a stronger Energiser when containing or excluding animals which are well insulated (such as sheep & rabbits). Similarly, it is advisable to choose a stronger Energiser for powering Electric Netting as the netting can easily touch vegetation, which causes earthing and power loss.

It is always preferable to trade up in energisers and be ready for the future. WARRANTY: Our aim is to offer VALUE FOR MONEY and to supply good quality and reliable products at the right price. All our Energisers have a two-year warranty. For reliability choose a Mains or Solar Energiser rather than a battery Energiser if practical as your system will only be as good as your batteries.

To help you make a short list of energisers to choose from:

  1. Refer to the area-distance guide below to help work out roughly how long your electric fence will be. This will give you a single line distance.

    If you have a 5 Acre (2.02 Hectare) area to fence, you will see from the guide that your single line would be approximately 600 metres long (i.e 100+200+100+200 = 600).

  2. Next you will need to multiply this single line distance by the number of horizontal lines you wish to install. For electrified netting you need to multiply this distance by the total number of horizontal strands. 

    Example 1: A typical electric fence is made up of three horizontal lines, therefore using the earlier example of a 600 metre fence line you would have a total distance requirement of 1800 metres or 1.8 Kilometres (i.e. 3 x 600m = 1800m). 

    Example 2: A typical electrified sheep net has 8 horizontal strands lines, therefore a for a 600 metre fence line you would have a total distance requirement of 4800 metres or
    4.8 Kilometres (i.e. 8 x 600m = 4800m).

  3. Now, staying with our above examples, you can refer to the table below to determine which energiser will support an electric fence up to or over either 1.8 Kilometres or 4.8 Kilometres in length.

  4. PHOENIX HB250 2.5 joules25.0 Kilometres PHOENIX HB500 5.0 joules35.0 Kilometres

  5. Energiser Stored Energy Recommended Single Line Distance
    HLB100 SHRIKE * 0.04 joules 0.8 Kilometres
    P1 KESTREL * - Discontinued 2007 use P150 0.04 joules 0.8 Kilometres
    P150 HARRIER * 0.06 joules 1.0 Kilometres
    P200 HAWK - Discontinued 2007 use P300 0.1 joules 1.5 Kilometres
    P250 MERLIN 0.24 joules 2.6 Kilometres
    P300 SUPER HAWK 0.1 joules 1.5 Kilometres
    P350 PEGASUS * 0.03 joules 0.8 Kilometres
    P450 HOBBY 0.4 joules 6.0 Kilometres
    P500/S FALCON (Battery & Solar Units) 1.0 joules 18.0 Kilometres
    P505 OSPREY 1.0 joules 18.0 Kilometres
    P525 BUZZARD 2.0 joules 25.0 Kilometres

    * These energisers are not recommended for use with our 50m netting.

For more information about the features and benefits of the battery energiser, read the article 'Battery Energisers Features and Benefits'.

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