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Capture wildlife with latest trail cameras

Capture wildlife with latest trail cameras

We often get asked by farmers for ways to keep track of their animals or the effectiveness of their electric fencing setup. We are delighted to finally reveal the latest wildlife cameras to our assortment. There are many benefits of using wildlife cameras for farmers as well as gardeners and environmental protection organisations for conservation areas, wildlife reserves and nature parks. Often called camera trapping, this means setting up the cameras in strategic locations to capture images and videos of various animals. Whether you're interested in monitoring nocturnal predators or simply observing the daily activities of your farm animals or pets, these cameras provide unique insights into their behaviour. 

Additional eyes on your farm

Wildlife cameras help farmers monitor the presence and behaviour of pests like rabbits, wild boar, deer, and foxes, allowing them to take appropriate measures to protect crops and livestock. Farmers can keep an eye on their animals, especially during the night or in remote areas, to ensure their safety and health. Our cameras have the ability to record high quality images even during nighttime which makes this your 24/7 partner in protecting your land or animals. These cameras can document instances of crop damage caused by wildlife, helping farmers identify the culprits and assess the extent of damage for better management and potential compensation claims. 

wildlife camera for gardens

Homeowners and garden enthusiasts can observe and enjoy the variety of wildlife visiting their gardens, from birds to hedgehogs.Additionallt identifying the animals causing damage to plants and flowers helps in implementing targeted and humane control methods.For instance, neighbouring cats can be an annoyance, with these cameras you are able to discover which cats enter your garden and how often. 

Camera trapping in nature reserves 

Cameras provide valuable data on the presence and behaviour of various species, contributing to animal management and conservation efforts. Trusts can study animal behaviours, migration movements, and daily activities without disturbing their natural habitat. If you want to keep certain wild animals out of nature parks these cameras can be an excellent solution in company with electric fencing, to monitor your electric fence for disturbances or to see which animals attempt to pass your fences. 

You may be wondering, is it difficult to record animals with a wildlife camera?No, on the contrary, it is very easy and you will succeed with 100% certainty. Our cameras from Wildcamera XL are set up correctly by default. Simply switch them on and hang them up. Depending on the model, the cameras can see up to 25 metres. You can take clear pictures and videos even without technical knowledge. With our wildlife cameras, you can quickly and easily automatically take the most beautiful photos and videos, day and night. The devices are delivered ready to use and can be used without any prior knowledge - just insert the batteries and get started. What's more, they get to work for you 100% automatically. If you’d like additional information, our customer service will be happy to give you advice.