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‘Birth Alarm’ the system that alerts you on time of the birth of the foal

‘Birth Alarm’ the system that alerts you on time of the birth of the foal

What is Birth Alarm?

Do you want an easy to install, reliable, quality product that does the job? No need to spend time worrying about when your mare will give birth. The Birth Alarm can do all of this for you in the most straight forward way you can imagine.  

The transmitter registers when the horse lies down into the typical birth position, which then generates an alarm signal after a short amount of 7.6 seconds, enough time to jump out of bed! The birth of a foal often takes place during the night, therefore this useful information is vital and will allow you to be there in time.



What is Birth Alarm?

How does it work? 

Studies have demonstrated that a mare will lie down on her flanks for shorter or longer periods of time during contractions. In this fully lateral position, she can deal with the contractions and optimise the expulsive force. Birth Alarm is based on this physiological phenomenon. The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is attached to an anti-roll girth that is placed around the mare’s withers. Under the halter is another possibility that does not bother the mare. The transmitter registers the time at which the horse takes up the typical birthing position and then gives an alarm signal after 7.6 seconds. At that point, it is virtually certain that it is a contraction. Studies have demonstrated that contractions last a minimum of 7 seconds. 

Why choose Birth Alarm?

This device is reliable and accurately informs the breeder of a mare's approaching foal. The Birth Alarm is very cost-effective, especially in light of today's stallion fees. No mare breeder who is really serious about reproductive management and wants to minimise foaling losses due to unattended birth problems can afford not to have this system. Yes, it's basically a relatively cheap insurance policy." 


It is important to stress that even a mare who has been pregnant before, should still always be monitored. A birth with complications is always a possibility. Should there be any complications, it is not necessary to have your groom keep an eye overnight during this time. You can relax and the transmitter will monitor this for youThis provides the best solution for you and your mare. 


Additional equipment

Do you feel like you want more control over the birth of your foal? The Foscam WIFI Camera will be the eyes in the back of your head. This clever camera sends images directly to your smartphone, plug and plays it as simple as that. Again were talking quality, no fuzzy images, reliability, and great value for money. 


We offer also a broad range of Girth’s to find the best fit for your horse, along with anti-roll girths, transmitters and receivers, all vital pieces of equipment and accessories.  

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