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Bird Scarers FAQ’s

Bird Scarers FAQ’s

How do ‘audible’ and ‘silent’ bird scarers work?
‘Audible’ bird scarers are pretty straightforward, the device makes noise to scare birds away from an area.


‘Silent’ (or high frequency) are slightly more complex. The bird scarer emits a sound at a frequency only audible to birds – the sound does not scare the bird but irritates or causes discomfort, encouraging it to move away.


How much noise do ‘audible’ bird scarers make?
The standard models will sound off approximately 5 times in any one hour, the soundings are random, but there is a light sensor to shut the sound off through the hours of darkness. This can be overridden if necessary. You should not use an audible bird scarer in a residential area, as noise pollution is both anti-social and generally unpleasant.


Is it true that ‘silent’ bird scarers are difficult to set-up?
The high frequency sound is projected forwards from the speaker, much like a light beam from a torch, and the bird must be in that imaginary light beam to be affected. So if the bird is behind, to the side, underneath or sat on the device, it will not be affected.


Whilst there is some spread as the sound travels forwards, approx. 90 degrees, the most intense part of the output is in the centre. Any obstructions will block or deflect the sound and the creature will be less affected by the output. Vegetation can block the sound which can make it difficult to get birds out of trees when there is heavy foliage. It is often better to mount the unit in the tree if this is a particular problem.


What size of bird scarer do I need?
The size of the area to be protected may determine which model is required, so each of models are rated according to different sized areas. These ratings are for flat terrain with low ambient noise, so if you have rough terrain or high background noise, err on the side of caution and choose a more powerful unit.


Do the bird scarers work for all types of bird?
All of the bird scarers can be adapted to optimise their effect for a specific species of bird. Whilst they will work for all birds in general, optimisation means that the bird scarer can be configured to solve your specific problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. When purchasing a bird scarer, please indicate which species of bird you wish to deter most and the units will be programmed accordingly.


General Information
Our range of bird scarers is very effective on many pests and use a variety of deterrent effects. Pests, particularly birds, have excellent eye sight, typically 8 times better than a young person. Our bird scarers exploit this with a 100 hertz strobe light, which, depending on the model, flashes when sounding. On silent units it is programmed for intermittent use.


Sound is useful as it alerts the pest to look at the flash, which improves the efficiency, but obviously some areas cannot tolerate noise. What is most important is the sound, pests soon get used to loud bangs, distress calls often attract other pests to find out what's happening, and see if there's a free meal in some cases! Depending on the problem, our range include predator calls broadcast at totally randomised timings, all automatically, and with a volume control. Synthesised sounds can also be switched into operation, which are useful on some pests. All sound units have this option plus an option to disable the sound through the hours of darkness.


When sound cannot be used it may be possible to use a high frequency sound device, more details can be found in the silent bird scarers section.


A range of high frequency sound bird repeller devices offering a bird control solution where loud audible sound is not an option.


All of the MP units offer the same high frequency and ultrasonic sound output, however the speakers are housed differently to offer a solution for a variety of situations. The effective range of the output is approximately 15m from the speaker(s) in an arc of around 90 degrees.


Any of the devices are designed be used indoors or outdoors and have a choice of mains adapter or battery connection.


As the birds are moved due the discomfort caused from the high frequency sound, it is important to ensure the repellent device can be mounted with an unobstructed view of the birds or target area.