Ultrasonic Rodent Deterrent

Ultrasonic Rodent Deterrent


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- Ideal for targeting a specific problem area - The ultrasonic sound cannot be heard by most humans - The device willl affect rodents and other mammalian pests, cats & dogs

Ultrasonic Rodent Deterrent


Ideal for targeting a specific problem area, this general purpose ultrasonic deterrent will affect rodents and other mammalian pests, cats and dogs with an oscillating range of ultrasonic sounds that are out of hearing range of most humans.

This ultrasonic deterrent has an effective unobstructed range of approx. 15m or 50ft. Please remember that like any sounds audible to us, ultrasonic sound is blocked (or turned down) by screening, walls, vegetation distance etc.

Ultrasonic and other deterrents are an excellent tool for all manner of pests and although it is unlikely that you will watch the target run away as soon as you turn it on, the deterrent will definitely make the area less attractive to the pest. New "visitors" are far less likely to stay and the existing pests will typically move away from the irritating noise after a period of time learning to associate the noise with the area.

For areas that have a long history of infestation, other methods may also be necessary to remove the pest, particularly if there is a food source or if the pest has made there home in the area. Other methods may vary depending on the species concerned, but might include for example a physical barrier, traps or perhaps a mixture of different deterrents. 

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