Stable & Yard Heating

Infrared heaters offer a clean, safe, easy to install, energy efficient and weatherproof method of heating yards and stables.
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Horse Solarium / Dryer Kit 3x1.3kW

The Horse Solarium / Dryer Kit comprises three S-Dance IP54 1.3kW infrared heaters (with mounting brackets), and Victory dimmer switches, giving fully independent control of the temperature of each heater.


4kW Waterproof PIR Switch Infresco Soft Start

Waterproof PIR Switch - Infresco Soft Start (4 & 6kW)


1.3kW S-Dance IP54 Infrared Heater

The 1.3kW S-Dance infrared heater is a cost effective, no nonsense choice for many applications. Heating an outdoor area of up to 10sq metres the 1.3kW S-Dance infrared heater is an ideal choice for yards, outbuildings, patios, smoking areas etc. Certainl

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3.0kW Equestrian Single Stall 'Starter' IP55 Heating Kit (Standard Gold)

Equestrian Single Stall 'Starter' IP55 Heating Kit


6.0kW Equestrian 2-Stall 'Starter' IP55 Heating Kit (Standard Gold)

Equestrian 2-Stall 'Starter' IP55 Heating Kit


IP55 Dimmer Switch for 1.5kW heaters

Weatherproof Variable controller (dimmer switch) for use with up to 1.5kW quartz halogen infrared heaters and lighting systems, ideal for outbuildings, pub gardens, smoking shelters and general applications.

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1.5kW S-Glow IP55 Infrared Heater White

1.5kW S-Glow IP55 Infrared Heater White.

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2kW Burda TERM IP65 Infrared Heater

2kW Burda TERM IP65 Infrared Heater: Heat span of up to 15 square metres (1.65kW – 12sqm), IP65 rated waterproof casing for full outdoor/indoor use, 1.65 / 2kW HeLeN gold-tube from Phillips.


Stable & Yard Heating

You can use the heathers also for offices to patios and workshops to churches. We have chosen only a small number of the vast range of infrared heaters available on the market and made our selections based on the known quality and reliability of the equipment. The outdoor heaters all have a tested IP rating as do the controllers and whether you're choosing an indoor or outdoor infrared heater , you can be confident the heater will work for you without problem. 

Short-wave infrared heaters are a great way of providing heat to both people and animals - they heat the 'body' and not the 'air', so not only are they effective, they are surprisingly efficient too. At the time of writing, each infrared heater costs approximately only 7-17p *  per Kw / hour and to further enhance economy and address environmental concerns, there are control options that range from the simple flick of a switch to passive infrared motion detectors. You might even choose a coin or token operation to recoup installation and running costs. 

One of the fastest growing areas for the use of short-wave infrared heating is the equestrian market, in general stable heating or for therapeutic treament of horse injuries. Our FAQ and advice section contains details on the wide range of applications:  Guide to Equestrian Heating .

Providing instant heat when you need it, so easily and effectively, you'll wonder why you spent so long in the cold ... Whether your application is for an outdoor area, or a large indoor space, for people, animals or plants, classy looking, or simply functional, there are heaters available to the job efficiently and effectively; if you can't see a suitable product here, or you're not sure what to choose,  Email us here  with your requirements and we'll do our best to help.

*  Dependent on your electricity suppliers tariff and with some tariffs, the time of day.

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