Electric Fencing Solutions for Horses

The electric fencing products for permanent or portable fencing below have been designed specifically for horses. Find the solution that best suits your needs.
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Hotline HP5/1.5m Stirrup Horse Fence Posts

Hotline HP5/1.5m Plastic Stirrup Horse Electric Fence Posts:

£24.72 £27.30

Hotline P25G/500 3:1 Ratio Geared Reel

P25G/500 3:1 Geared Reel

£58.00 £61.02

Gallagher B35 9V/12V Battery Fence Energizer

The Gallagher B35 battery energizer is suitable for fences up to 5 km (singlewired, without vegetation). The energizer is very easy to use. It operates on a 9V disposable battery or a 12V rechargeable battery. The device warns you when the battery is almo


Gallagher B20 9V/12V Battery Fence Energizer

The low-priced battery-powered energizer B20 is for beginners and hobby farmers, suitable for short fences
of up to 2 km without vegetation (1,5 km with light growth) and very easy to use.


Gallagher Insulated Line Post 1,35m (4 pcs.)

Gallagher Insulated Line Post (1,35m, 4 pieces), unique and durable design and extremely suitable for permanent fencing.


Hotline HK450 Deluxe Fence Kit for Horses

The Deluxe version of the 450/200m Electric Horse Fence Kit is a complete solution that includes everything needed to construct a 200m x 2 line electric fence, ideal for fencing or dividing existing paddocks and fields.

£491.70 £648.48

Gallagher TurboLine tape 12,5mm White 400m

Gallagher 12,5mm TurboLine Tape. The horizontal wires are interconnected at 13 cm intervals ensuring better conductivity.


Gallagher Power Master

Gallagher Power Master Battery Powered Energiser. Very easy to use. Reliable animal control as an alert shows when battery is low.


Gallagher Horse Post 1,05m terra (10 pcs.)

The Gallagher horse post is a durable plastic fence post of 1.05 meters. The posts are particularly suitable for semi-permanent horse fences, but also for fences for other animals. Thanks to the practical tread-in base, the tread-in post can be easily and


Gallagher M950 Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher M950 from the special edition range is a powerful mains energiser that is suitable for long multiwire fencing with a length of up to 42 km.


Gallagher Horse Kit B60

The Gallagher Horse Kit B60 is a starters kit for horses and ponies. The Gallagher kit has everything you need to set up a small paddock for you horse or divide existing ones.


Gallagher MBS800 Multi Power Energizer

The Gallagher MBS800 is a multi-power energiser that can be operated with both 230V AC power, a 12V battery or solar panel. You can select your source of power with a button with various settings.


Electric Fencing Solutions for Horses

Using electric fencing for horses and ponies is perhaps one of the most established reasons to employ our products. Equestrian electric fencing can be temporary or permanent. This is normally done using electric fence tape, rather than wire or rope. The main reason for this is that the deterrent effect of the fence line is 'visual' to a large degree and horses' dichromatic vision is generally much less sharp than our own. This means that our equine friends probably won't see a thin fence line and the first they will know about it is an electric shock, which may cause them to panic and push forward through the line. Unless specifically requested, we also suggest using white tape, rather than green; horses and ponies cannot really distinguish between red and green, so the use of white ensures that the fence is as visible as possible.

Equestrian electric fences typically have two lines, so that contact is made as early as possible: the highest is typically at muzzle or chest height and the lower line is designed to make contact with the leading knee. Obviously, you should try to match the height of the fence lines to your horses or ponies and, when in doubt, it is always better to have more lines rather than less.

Contact us at [email protected] for help and advice about electric fencing for horses and ponies.


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