Electric Fencing for Cattle

Information about setting up electric fencing for cattle, such as strip grazing. (currently being updated)
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Gallagher SmartFence V2 - 10 posts, 4 wires and reels in one system (100m)

All in one, four wire, 100m, fully portable instant fence system.
Very quick and easy to assemble and easy to carry and store away
Can be connected to any energizer for instant electric fence protection


Gallagher B20 9V/12V Battery Fence Energizer

The low-priced battery-powered energizer B20 is for beginners and hobby farmers, suitable for short fences
of up to 2 km without vegetation (1,5 km with light growth) and very easy to use.


Gallagher S400 Solar Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher S400 is the strongest solar energizer in the market. With the 40 Watt solar panel, the S400 can power fencing of up to 30km.


Gallagher Triple Geared Reel Stand incl. Vidoflex polywire

The Gallagher Triple Geared Reel Stand incl. Vidoflex Polywire is particularly suitable for temporary fencing or strip grazing. Three reels with translation mechanism and 400 m TurboLine Cord are attached to this reel corner post. This allows you to quick


Gallagher B40 Battery Powered Energizer

The Gallagher B40 is the most energy-efficient battery energizer, suitable for fences up to 6 km. The B40 can also be used with solar energy as it comes with a solar panel. The energizer can be powered by solar during the day and by battery at night.


Gallagher Power Master

Gallagher Power Master Battery Powered Energiser. Very easy to use. Reliable animal control as an alert shows when battery is low.


Gallagher S200 Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher S200 is a portable energizer that works on solar power. With the S200 you can provide power for fencing of up to 20km.


Gallagher B40 9V/12V Battery Fence Energizer + Battery

The Gallagher B40 battery energizer is the most economical battery device suitable for fences up to 18 km in length (singlewired, no vegetation). Thanks to its night setting and random mode, it's just 2.8x more fuel efficient than an average 9V device. Wi


Gallagher Insultimber (FSC®) Strainer post - 2m

Unique Gallagher insulating posts where the use of insulators isn’t necessary. Maintenance free. Long life time. 10 years guarantee.


Gallagher MB300 Fence Energizer (230V/12V)

The Gallagher MB300 is a multi-power energiser that works on 230V, but it can also be used with a 12V battery. The energizer is easy to move, because of its unique design.


Gallagher B50 Electric Fence Energizer

The Gallagher B50 is a powerful battery energizer for fences up to 6 km.


Gallagher S10 Solar Powered Energizer incl. Battery - 6V/0,10J

The Gallagher S10 is the latest solar powered energizer for the hobby market and short fences
(3 km singlewire, ideal conditions).


Electric Fencing for Cattle
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