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Phoenix HMX1500

Reconditioned Phoenix HMX1500 High Power Energiser

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Reconditioned Phoenix HMX1500 High Power Energiser

40% less than RRP


Hotline has united its legendary dependability with the latest technology to bring you the impressive Phoenix series of electric fence energisers providing an unprecedented level of electric fence control.

The Phoenix HMX1500 is a h…

40% less than RRP


Hotline has united its legendary dependability with the latest technology to bring you the impressive Phoenix series of electric fence energisers providing an unprecedented level of electric fence control.

The Phoenix HMX1500 is a high specification, powerful electric fence energiser that boasts high levels of control, flexibility and performance. The HMX1500 is suitable for use with virtually any electric fencing application except for shorter netting applications, where this model is probably too powerful.

The HMX1500 uses Hotlines unique 'Automatic Power Control system' (APC), which distributes the optimum level of power to the fence as conditions change. Operating between 12-18 joules, the HMX1500 gathers fence load information to maintain a constant voltage level enabling effective shock delivery.

As with the other mains powered Phoenix energisers, the HMX1500 features a three colour 'status' bar graph, a menu driven LCD control and battery back-up facility.

The LCD provides fingertip access to important fence information, displaying output volts, return volts, earth leakage volts and stored energy, the status of which can be easily used to drive alarms. All of the Phoenix energisers feature a drop down cover, which safely conceals the terminals and protects the user from unexpected shocks.

  • Model: Phoenix HMX1500 Mains Powered Energiser.
  • Power: 12 - 18 stored joules.
  • Maximum Recommended Length of Fence (Single Line): 60 kilometres
  • Suitable for: All types of electric fencing excluding netting.
  • APC: Automatically adjusts power to fence.
  • Control: Menu driven with Large LCD display providing information on fence status.
  • Remote Control: SMS text message and mobile phone control and monitoring compatibility (Requires Accessory - SMS Command Unit.
  • Visual: Front mounted LED Bar graph fence status indicator.
  • Other Features: Battery back-up facility, lightning protection, user configurable alarms - internal sounder and external alarm connector, drop down terminal cover.

HMX1500 - Automatic Power Control

Automatic Power Control adjusts the power output in accordance with the fence load, ensuring the shocking voltage on the fence remains sufficient. The fence load is a measure of the current that the fence passes to ground and varies according to the length of the fence, the amount of vegetation touching the fence and animal contact.

  1. A low resistance to ground (measured in ohms) means there is a high current passing to ground. - This is a high fence load.
  2. A good fence installation with no vegetation or animal contact passes very little current to ground. - This is a high resistance and therefore… a low fence load.

The fence voltage is controlled, maintaining fence effectiveness within safety guidelines. When an animal touches the fence the energiser detects the load and if this causes the fence voltage to fall below 5kv for 30 consecutive pulses the HMX1500 increases power to 18 joules for 3 pulses to clear the obstruction.

If the voltage is still low once the power reverts to normal, the energiser will automatically return to maximum power and remain on high power until manually reset.. An alarm will notify the user if this occurs.

For safety reasons, the output voltage is limited to 8.5KV (nominal) at fence load lower than 500 ohms and limited to 5KV at fence loads greater than 500 ohms load.

Phoenix Energiser Operation - User Interface

The energiser has an LCD display and two control push buttons - (SET and SELECT). The energisers set button switches the fence to standby (ON).

While the fence is on the LCD display shows: The Fence Voltage in Kilovolts (at the start of the fence), the voltage of the reference earth in Kilovolts (an indication of the ground connection quality), the fence voltage at the end of the fence in Kilovolts - the return voltage in a closed loop and the stored power output to the fence in Joules.
Phoenix User Interface
There is also a three colour, status bar graph, light display on the front of the Phoenix energiser that gives a 'quick glance' indication of how efficiently the electric fence is operating.

  • Red Light - The fence line needs attention.
  • Yellow Light - The energiser is coping with online vegetation ensuring the necessary voltage on the fence line.
  • Green Light - Sufficient voltage is being delivered to the fence line.

Fence Performance Monitoring

As you have seen above, the Phoenix energisers measure and display the performance of the electric fence. This information can be used to activate alarms, in the event of a fence fault or high load condition (for example, excessive vegetation or continuous animal contact). The effectiveness of the fence depends on the fence voltage and the quality of earth connection through the ground stake.
Phoenix Terminals
To enable the Phoenix to 'collect' relevant information from the fence, the unit has four terminals.

  • Earth - The ground stake or connection.
  • Reference Earth - Reference Earth stake to monitor earth quality.
  • Fence output - Energiser Output to the fence.
  • Fence Return - Monitors voltage at the end of the fence. (Used when the fence is connected in a closed loop).

This information is of course displayed on the LCD screen as above.


The Phoenix HMX1500 mains energiser has user configurable alarms that on purchase are set with factory defaults. User alarm preferences are stored in non-volatile memory; this means that your preferences are unaffected when the energiser is switched off or in the event of total power failure.

Alarm outputs are relayed to an internal sounder and to an external alarm port enabling the fitting of a strobe or siren. The alarms are easily configured using the menu control and can reviewed via the menu control at any time without interrupting the operation of the fence.

Alarms are deactivated automatically if the fence returns to a non alarm condition, or after a 20 minute period.

  1. Fence Voltage low... Preset-able to: 2.5KV, 3.5KV, 4.5KV or OFF.
  2. The alarm is activated if the voltage falls below the preset value for 5 pulses. This ensures that the alarm is not activated in the event of a short term animal contact, but will be activated if an animal becomes stuck in the fence, or a short circuit in the fence occurs.

  3. Fence breaks... Preset able to 2.5KV, 3.5KV, 4.5KV or OFF. The alarm is activated if the return voltage falls below the preset value for 5 fence pulses, indicating a break in the fence. (This alarm enabled when the fence is connected in a closed loop and should be set to OFF when the fence return is not connected).
  4. Reference Earth Voltage... Preset able to 0.25KV, 0.45KV, 0.65KV or OFF
  5. If the fence earth connection is broken or degrades, the reference earth voltage will increase, if the voltage is higher than the preset value for 5 fence pulses the alarm will activate. (This alarm is used when the reference earth is connected to the reference earth terminal).

Battery back-up

All Phoenix mains energisers have the facility to switch to battery back-up in the event of a power failure. Back-up power, supplied by a 12v leisure battery, is maintained by trickle charging from the energiser. When mains power is restored, the energiser will automatically revert to mains power. The alarm facility will also notify the user of low battery life.

Lightning Protection

An internal spark gap is fitted in the energiser in close proximity to the fence terminals that diverts high voltage to the earth. Internal circuitry is protected with transient voltage suppressors.

Please refer to the section 'Installation of Mains Energisers' in our Guide to understanding modern electric fences for more information on connecting your energiser.

Energiser Performance Figures - Phoenix HMX1500

Input Consumption Stored Joules Output Joules Output Volts Output Volts - Under Heavy Load

240 Volts

16 - 20 watts

12 - 18




Maximum Recommended Distance: 60 Kilometres

Hotline Electric Fence Energisers are supplied with lead and 3 pin plug for connection to mains as standard.

Recommended Options:

  • To create Earth Return system the Heavy Duty Earth Spike & Clamp.
  • For connecting Energiser to fence use HT/G Double Insulated Cable. The energiser must be under cover in shed, garage etc. Measure the distance from energiser site to fence line to determine cable requirement.
  • For a reliable back-up power source the LS70 sealed 12v 70amp/hr energiser battery.
  • To help quickly locate a fault on a long fence use a good quality tester such as the V10 Electric Fence Fault Finder.

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