Electric Fencing Kit for Dogs (Mains or 12V)

Brand: Hotline
Brand: Hotline

Electric Fencing Kit for Dogs (Mains or 12V)

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The Hotline Electric Fencing mains or battery powered kit for dogs - 1.2J/12V.

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Hotline Electric Fencing Kit for Dogs (Mains or 12V)


This improved High Power “Electric Fencing Kit for Dogs” is an effective tool for containing dogs, or excluding them from a particular area of the garden.

This easy to install electric fencing kit is ideal for discouraging dogs from trying to escape the garden. The fence has conventional, visible wires, which means that your pet can of course see the fence and will learn to respect and to stay away from it. And even if your pet is stubborn, or perhaps not the brightest spark, it won't be harmed by the fence.

In addition to containing dogs, this versatile electric fence kit can also be used to help protect flower beds, borders and vegetable plots from unwanted animal pests, not just your own dogs, but wild rabbits and other larger rodents. It will also help keep badgers away from a section of lawn, or could be used perhaps to encircle a pond and help guard against predators.

As with all of our electric fence systems, you do not have to create a complete loop or circuit for the fence to work; for example, you could if you wish set up an 83 m long, 3 line straight fence to separate a 'wild' area, from a cultivated garden.

The fence kit comes with enough fencing material, posts, connectors etc. to enclose a good 100 m plus perimeter section with 2 fence lines. This can easily be extended if you wish by adding more of the same wire and other components. The energiser supplied is powerful enough to handle significantly more wire.

There are two different kit options available - Please review the following details, then use the drop down boxes to select your choice of Kit.


Electric Fencing Kit for dogs 1
Each dog Fencing Kit, Mains Powered Electric Fencing Kit includes the following items:

  • 1 x Gemini HLC120 Combi Energiser (47HLC120) - Can be powered by mains or 12v leisure battery (not Included)
  • 1 x 1 m Earth Spike (47ES2)
  • 1 x 250 m Roll of 9 Strand Polywire (47P62-250)
  • 2 x Packs of 10 Plastic Rabbit/Garden Electric Fence Posts (47CP3)
  • 2 x Packs of 5 Bolt Joint Clamps (47C82-5)
  • 2 x Pairs of In-Line Wire Tensioners (47T20-2)
  • 1 x Electric Fence Warning Sign (47P40)
  • 1 x 50m Roll of Insulated HT Cable (47HT50G)
  • 2 x Packs of 3 Screw-in Corner / End / Anchor Insulators (47KS15-3)
  • 2 x Hart Clip line connectors (47C75-2)
  • 1 x LED Fence Tester (47KV10)

PLEASE NOTE: If planing to use a 12v battery to power your fence, the energiser and battery can live outside, next to the fence. When running from mains power the energiser MUST BE HOUSED UNDER COVER i.e. indoors, in an outbuilding or in a waterproof box etc.


Electric Fencing Kit for Dogs 2
The Electric Fencing Kit for Cats Battery powered - Replaces the Gemini Energiser with the very portable D Cell Battery Powered Shrike Energiser... Ideal for shorter, occasional or seasonal use and temporary fences.

The D Cell Battery system is still suitable for the above applications, but shouldn't be extended by more than one additional roll of the same wire.

Kit 2 comprises of all the above components, but:

  • Replaces the Gemini Energiser with the "Shrike" Energiser (47HLB100)
  • Excludes the unnecessary Insulated HT Cable
  • To power the energiser use 2 x - D Ultra Alkaline Batteries (1 pair included).


Other Options
Some customers prefer to incorporate a highly visible fence line as an additional deterrent, or as a training aid for their pets. Turbocharge 12 mm Electro-Tape will provide this, but you may wish to remove this line once the animal respects the fence so as to preserve the aesthetics of your garden.

How to set the fence up
First use the KS15 insulators to provide a solid anchor at the start and end of your fence line. Screw the insulators into a convenient, solid base such as a wooden fence post, tree etc. You could also drill a hole into a brick wall (and use raw plugs) to fix, but wherever you choose, it is important to have a good anchor at the start and end of your fence plus in an ideal world, at any abrupt change of direction in the fence line i.e. corners. The better these anchors, the tighter you will be able to set up the fence lines.

The posts should be spaced at approx 3 m – 7 m intervals as necessary to guide and support the fence lines and this can easily be adjusted retrospectively. Once the anchors and posts are in place, you can set up the fence lines. Use a Bolt Joint Clamp to secure the polywire to your anchor insulator. To do this, wrap the polywire once or twice around the insulator and then use a Clamp to fix it in place (don’t tie a knot as this can damage the polywire). Next feed the polywire through the fence posts to the opposite anchor and fix in place the same way as the first. Cut the polywire and repeat the process for your next fence line.

Once the fence lines are in place, use the in-line tensioners to tighten the lines. You don’t need to turn them into guitar strings, they just need to be nice an straight. Once this is done, the final fence line task is to join the two (or more) lines together so that when you connect the power, electricity can travel down each line. Use the Hart Clips provided to quickly link the individual fence lines together.

To make the fence live, you now need to connect your energiser... The Gemini energiser that comes with this kit can be used with a 12V leisure battery, in which case you can mount the energiser outside with your battery nearby. But when connecting to the mains however, you need to mount the energiser indoors, in your house, shed etc. It simply plugs into a standard wall socket. 

You will then need to cut two lengths of the HT Insulated cable... One to connect the live (RED) terminal of the energiser to your fence line and the other to connect the earth (BLACK) terminal of the energiser to your earth spike. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THIS SPIKE IS PUSHED FULLY INTO THE GROUND, AT LEAST 10 m (30ft) from any other earth system/spike i.e. your house, neighbours house etc. Make sure you run the cables out of harms way, in a conduit, or pinned to a wall, existing fence etc.

Finally... Turn on the power and use your tester to check the fence is working correctly i.e. a minimum of 3 lights on your tester... THAT'S IT!

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