Hotline Deluxe Electric Fence Kit for Horses incl. Vandal Proof Box - 200/450m

Brand: Hotline
Brand: Hotline

Hotline Deluxe Electric Fence Kit for Horses incl. Vandal Proof Box - 200/450m

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Hotline Deluxe Electric Fence Kit for Horses - 200/450m.

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Hotline Hotline Deluxe Electric Fence Kit for Horses incl. Vandal Proof Box - 200/450m


The Deluxe version of the 450/200m Electric Horse Fence Kit is a complete solution that includes everything needed to construct a 200m x 2 line electric fence, ideal for fencing or dividing existing paddocks and fields. This electric fence kit is based on the standard HK450 horse kit, but comes with additional components useful for setting up, maintaining and storing your electric fence.

Firstly, a second 200m reel of 10mm tape to setup a second line and there's 20 extra posts. Two high quality reels and fixing brackets are also included, which means you can put the tape then fix the reels to a convenient wooden fence post using the brackets and simply pull as much tape as required off the reel, for example to create your dividing fence across your paddock etc, leaving any surplus tape on the reel, clean, tidy and out of harms way. When the fence is no longer required, just reel it back onto the spool for storage until you need it again.

Next we have added our top class electric fence battery set, which consists of two 32ah deep cycle batteries and a mains charger; this lets you always have one battery on charge, while the other is in use and when the time comes to swap them over, these smaller leisure batteries are much lighter than those more commonly used and easier to move around. In addition to the above items, the kit is supplied with additional useful connectors, insulators, a second tester that will enable you to test your fences performance more accurately and a clip onto your tape light, which will flash if/when power is low.

This deluxe kit and can easily be extended to suit larger areas through aquisition of additional components.

Contents of this kit includes:

1 x Hotline HK450 Standard horse fence kit (47hk450) Comprising: 

  • 1 x Hotline P450 Hobby Fencer (Energiser)
  • 1 x 200m TC41/2 Turbocharge 10mm Electro-Tape
  • 1 x Hotline P40 Warning Sign
  • 20 x Hotline ECO2000 Strong Recycled Plastic Horse Posts
  • 2 x Hotline P99 Tape End Tensioners
  • 1 x Hotline P20 Fence Tester
  • 1 x Hotline ES2 Earth Spike
  • 2 x Hotline P17 Plastic Gate Handles
  • 2 x Hotline P28 Gate Handle Anchors



  • 1 x F1C1 Electric Fence Battery Set (47F1C1)
  • 2 x Hotline P25/500 Standard Plastic Reel (47P25-500)
  • 2 x Hotline BR1 Quick Bracket for P25 Reels (47BR1)
  • 1 x Additional 200m TC41/2 Turbocharge 10mm Electro-Tape (47TC41-2)
  • 20 x Additional ECO2000 Strong Recycled Plastic Horse Posts (47ECO2000)
  • 4 x Additional P99 Tape End Tensioners (47P99)
  • 1 x Hotline KV10 LED Fence Tester (47KV10)
  • 1 x Pack of 5 Tape Connecting Buckles (47CB20-5)
  • 1 x HT_C73/2 Tape Clamp Double (47C73-2)
  • 1 x Additional P40 Warning Sign (47P40)
  • 1 x VP1 Electric Fence Energiser Box (47VP1)

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