B40 9V/12V Battery Powered Fence Energiser/Charger + Battery

Brand: Gallagher
Brand: Gallagher

B40 9V/12V Battery Powered Fence Energiser/Charger + Battery


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- Battery powered - Ideal for fences up to 18 km - Works with a 9 V or a 12 V battery - Charging energy 0.4 Joule - 7 year warranty! Suitable for; horses - cattle - sheep - goats - pigs - game

Gallagher B40 9V/12V Battery Powered Fence Energiser/Charger + Battery


The Gallagher B40 battery energiser is the most economical battery device suitable for fences up to 18 km in length (singlewired, no vegetation). Thanks to its night setting and random mode, it's just 2.8x more fuel efficient than an average 9V device. With the Gallagher B40 energiser you get at the same time safety for your animals and the advantage of a low power consumption!  

The B40 powered by a 9V battery or a 12V battery. When purchasing a B40 battery fence energiser, you receive now a Powerpack 9V/55Ah battery free of charge!

This battery ensures the optimal performance of a 9V battery energiser. The alkaline battery ensures a higher power supply and continuous voltage during the longer life compared to, for example, a salt battery. The battery is mercury-free and therefore environmentally friendly. 2.8 x more economical than an average 9V device With a pulse energy of 0.27 J, this device is extremely powerful. By using a smarter technology, the device has become 2.8 x more economical! This pays off quickly.

Save more than 65% of your consumption costs
A grazing season lasts on average 6 months (180 days). Practice has shown that on average 2 batteries are needed to operate the battery pack during the grazing season. The expected battery life of the B40 in Random / Half Power (0.2 J) / Night Saving Mode is 555 days! That is unimagined. Despite the supersave mode, the fence voltage is the voltage generated by a conventional device. Your animals are just as well protected and safe. With a B40 powered in this mode, you only need 0.3 batteries per grazing season. 

Top features Gallagher B40 9V/12V Battery Powered Fence Energiser + Battery

  • Works with a 9V battery or a 12V battery
  • Delivery incl. Ground bar 0,5 m
  • Equipped with an LED output voltage indicator for quick verification of fence voltage.
  • 3 settings: full power, night setting, random switching.
  • Has a connection for a solar module
  • For optimal presentation on the shop shelf, the device will be delivered without packaging
  • Recommended number of earth rods: 1 x 0.5 m
  • Charge Energy (J): 0.4
  • Impulse energy (J): 0.27
  • Singlewire distance - max. Length (km): 18
  • Multiwire distance - max. Length (km): 6
  • Multiwire distance - with slight growth (km): 3
  • Multiwire distance - recommended (km): 1,5
  • Area size (hectares / ares): 2/5
  • Power Consumption Battery (V / mA): 9/40
  • Power consumption mode (mA): 9
  • Connections: 9V or 12V

Our recommendation:
Original batteries / rechargeable batteries from Gallagher. To connect the Gallagher B40 battery energiser with a 9V battery, make use of 005499 or 201283.

The following 9V batteries fit into this electric fence:

  • G007578 - 55Ah
  • G008704 - 120Ah

The following 12V batteries fit into this electric fence device:

  • G033533 - 25Ah


Register your device now and receive a 7-year warranty on this product!

Recommended number of earth stakes: 1 x 0.5 m
Stored energy (J): 0.4
Output energy (J): 0.27
Singlewire Distance - max length (km): 18
Multiwire Distance - ideal conditions (km): 6
Multiwire Distance - with light growth (km): 3
Multiwire Distance - recommended (km): 1.5
Grid area (Hectare / Acre): 2/5
Current consumption (V/ mA): -
Current consumption safemode (mA): -
9V/ 12V connection: Yes
Ideal for/ keeping out: Horses, Cattle, Deer, Sheep, Pigs, Game and Goats

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