Fire Drake Solar Powered Electric Fence Energiser - 0.65J

Brand: Hotline
Brand: Hotline

Fire Drake Solar Powered Electric Fence Energiser - 0.65J

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- Most powerful of Hotline's Fire Drake range solar energisers - Solar Power - Ideal for fences up to 5 km - Stored 0.65 joules - Input 12 V Solar Perfect choice for small to medium electric fencing applications where mains is not an option!

Hotline Fire Drake Solar Powered Electric Fence Energiser - 0.65J


The most powerful of Hotline's Fire Drake range of solar powered energisers is a perfect choice of energiser for small to medium electric fencing applications where mains is not an option and carrying a large heavy battery for recharging on a regular basis would be inconvenient. This is a beautifully designed self contained solar powered fence energiser that is reliable and very easy to use.

Hotline's Fire Drake solar energisers come in three different sizes, but we have chosen to supply only the largest of the three. This is primarily because we believe this model will prove to be the most reliable during winter months and that even during a prolonged period of bad weather, the larger solar panel that is incorporated with this higher powered unit will keep the energiser running without you having to worry about charging the integral 12ah battery. Of course, our weather doesn't always play fair and if we do have a long period of dull "sunless" days that provide insufficient sunlight to charge the battery - Don't worry! The Fire Drake energiser is supplied with a back-up mains powered charger that simply plugs into the side of the energiser and charges the battery in approximately 6 hours. The whole thing is also light enough at around 10kg for you not to need a horse to carry it for you! 

The Fire Drake is ideal for strip grazing livestock, for individual paddocks, a single three reel fence kit, perhaps 3 or 4 sheep and rabbit nets or 50m of poultry netting, but as is always the case, you must ensure that you have a little encroaching vegetation on the fence lines as possible and if you're electrifying a net, make sure the live strands aren't sagging onto the ground.

As with every other fence energiser on the market, you will ALWAYS need sufficient earthing to make your solar powered energiser work effectively. If you don't have an earth spike already, please select the "with earth spike" option when purchasing and when you setup your system, use a mallet to get as much of the spike into the ground as possible, preferably leaving just a couple of inches above ground (the deeper it is, the better the fence).

Fire Drake Energiser Features:

  • 12 Volt 12 amp hour Internal Battery.
  • 10w Integral solar panel - Position the energiser away from any shade and so that it faces toward the sun at noon.
  • On / Off Switch
  • Low battery / pulse indicator
  • Completely self contained and easy to setup.
  • Back-up mains charger included. Charges the Fire Drake in 6 hours. 
  • Fence & Ground connectors complete with crocodile clips.
  • Suitable for many farm and equestrian uses where mains power is not available.
  • Ideal for up to 5km of single line wire fencing. (Typical fence applications above).
  • Minimum of 1 x 1m, or 2 x 0.5m earth spikes required. (Order separately)

The Fire Drake solar fence energiser is supplied with all cables necessary for a standard installation using one earth spike.

To get the best out of your Fire Drake solar energiser, use the mains charger to top up the battery before taking setting up in the field; then the solar panel will take over.

Energiser Performance Figures - HLS67 Fire Drake Solar Energiser

Input Consumption Stored Joules Output Joules Output Volts Output Volts - Under Heavy Load

12V Solar






Max Recommended Distance: 5 Kilometres single wire
Battery: Internal 12Ah battery
Recommended external battery: n/a
Battery Life: Dependent on sunlight

* Nets must be set up effectively with all electrictrified strands clear of the ground and encroaching vegetation.

** Published figures assume most conductive fence line materials, such as high tensile wire, perfect fence conditions and suitable earth.

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