Insulators | Permanent fence post

Discover our complete range of robust insulators for permanent fencing. We have insulators for permanent fencing for tape, cord, plastic wire, EquiFence or aluminium-coated wire.
Gallagher Clips for Insultimber/Ecopost - Short

We recommend the use for fixing wire to an Insultimber post or Gallagher Ecopost.


10kg x 30mm Fence Staples

10kg Tub of fence staples 30mm long galvanised 3.55mm wire.


Strainrite Insulated Clip Strainer (20 pcs)

Strainrite's Hi-Strain Insulated Clip Strainer is a high quality, insulated, all in one wire tensioner for electric fence wire. Includes 20 pieces.


Strainrite XT1 Ratchet Strainer (25pcs.)

The Strainrite XT1 Ratchet Strainer may well be the most versatile and superbly designed wire strainer available today. The tensioner is particularly strong, reliable and easy to use. Includes 25 pieces.


Hotline Reinforced Fibreglass End Insulator

Hotline Reinforced Fibreglass End Insulator.

£7.87 £7.50

Hotline P15 Large Plastic End/Corner Insulator

Strong general purpose insulator for use with semi-permanent and permenent electric fence systems.

£5.25 £6.12

Hotline Large Snug Nail-On Insulator (Pack of 100)

Hotline large snug insulator for use with permanent electric fence systems.

£49.06 £41.28

Hotline Large Snug Nail-On Insulator (Pack of 20)

Hotline Large Snug Nail-On Insulator (Pack of 20).

£9.69 £11.04

P11 Nail-On Insulator (50 pieces with nails)

Hotline nail-on insulator for use with short lengths of temporary electric fencing.

£12.65 £13.32

Hotline Screw-In Stand-Off Insulator (5 packs of 20)

Hotline Heavy duty multi-purpose screw-in insulator. 

£146.90 £171.90

Hotline Screw-In Stand-Off Insulator (Pack of 20)

Hotline heavy duty multi-purpose screw-in insulator. (pack of 20).

£35.40 £34.38

Hotline P37S Screw-In Insulator (Pack of 100)

Hotline multi-purpose screw-in plastic insulator for electro-rope and tape (pack of 100).

£48.66 £56.70

Insulators | Permanent fence post

The primary role for insulators for permenant fencing is to securely hold the fence line without power leaking from post to ground. A well designed insulator will hold the line securely so that it will not wear the tape, rope or wire when buffeted around by the elements or will allow the line to freely pass through without the impedance of sharp edges.

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