Energisers mains powered, battery powered, solar powered

Discover our range of Hotline and Gallagher mains, battery, solar and multi powered energisers.
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Maximum Fence Length (km)
Battery type
Hotline Electric Fence Energiser Mains HOTLINE HLM400 Condor 3.6J

- Ideal for fences up to 30 km
- Stored energy: 3.6 Joule
- Suitable for boundary fencing for: predators, pigs, sheep, goats and cattle

£162.74 £247.80

Hotline Phoenix HLM700 Mains Electric Fence Energiser for heavy vegetation 4.9J

- Mains powered - Ideal for fences up to 45 km
- Power: 7 Joule
- Suitable for: all types of farm and dealing with medium to heavy vegetation


Hotline Solar Assist Panel for Shrike -2.5 W

- Multi position 2.5 W solar panel
- For Shrike energiser.
- 12 V panel
- Power the energiser in bright conditions
- Extending battery life


Hotline Fire Drake Solar Powered Energiser 0.65J with 1m Earth Spike

- Solar Power - Ideal for fences up to 5 km
- Stored 0.65 joules
- Input 12 V Solar
- Incl. 1 m Earth Spike

Perfect choice for small to medium electric fencing applications where mains is not an option!

£243.72 £365.74

Hotline Phoenix HMX1600 Mains Powered Energiser for Permanent Fencing 7J - 16J

- Mains powered - Ideal for fences up to 65 km
- Power: 7 - 16 Joule
- Suitable for: permanent electric fencing, all types of farm and dealing with medium to heavy vegetation


Hotline Raptor Energiser (6V/12V/240V) 0.8J

- Ideal for fences up to 8 km
- Stored energy: 0.8 Joule
- Suitable for: small poultry pens and portable strip grazing, as well as small-medium length fence lines

£121.00 £167.10

Hotline HLB500 FALCON Battery Electric Fence Energiser 1.4J

- Battery powered - Ideal for fences up to 18 km
- Power supply: high power 12 V battery
- Suitable for all farm usage where mains power is not available

£148.95 £159.99

Hotline 12V / Mains HOTLINE HLC120 Gemini Electric Fence Energiser 1.2J

- Ideal for fences up to 12 km
- Stored energy: 1.2 Joule
- Ideal for all general electric fencing applications. Equestrian, strip grazing, silage face, gardens and ponds, pet control etc.


Pulsara PC1300 Hybrid Energiser/Charger - 12V/230V

- Battey powered
- Ideal for fences up to 7 km
- Voltage 8,200 V
- Charging energy 1.80 Joule

Suitable for; horse - cattle - sheep - pig


Energisers mains powered, battery powered, solar powered

An Energiser (Fencer) is the device that converts mains, battery or solar power into pulses of electricity and pushes these pulses down the fence line.

In our shop you will find electric fencing devices for your fence which guarantee an optimal adaptation to individual requirements. Whether paddock or pasture, small area or large property - different power levels make it possible to match the equipment to a variety of fence conditions and animal species. Simple operation also speaks in favour of electric fencers, as well as contemporary energy efficiency and attractive value for money. We have a range of Hotline and Gallagher mains, battery, solar and multi powered energisers. Read more about each type of energiser below.

Mains powered energiser

Mains powered energisers are cost effective to run and are generally more powerful than battery powered models. Always give serious consideration to installing a mains powered energiser and don't dismiss the idea, just because there isn't a power supply next to the fence. The mains energiser works pretty much the same way as a battery model, only with longer earth and fence leads, which you make using lead out cable. Ht lead operates just as an insulated, efficient extension of your fence line and can similarly be many metres in length.

Battery powered energiser

There may be fencing that cannot be connected to the mains and a battery energiser is a better choice in those situations. These energisers only need a battery and no mains. Battery energisers are extremely portable and offer a range of options from 6v and 9v models with disposable batteries and 12v rechargeable models. A number of Gallagher energisers have a battery-saving option to lengthen the lifespan of the battery significantly. Some energisers also come with solar options.

Solar powered energiser

An energiser that works on solar power is the best choice for remote areas. The battery is charged by daylight and converts it into electricity. The Gallagher Solar energisers will continue to run for 3 weeks without any sunlight, do not require maintenance, are environmentally friendly and reliable.

Multi power energiser

The Gallagher Multi Power energisers (MBS range) can be used in every possible way. Would you like to use solar panels, mains or a battery? No problem with these energisers.

Please browse through the energiser models to find more specific details of each energiser, make your choice and enjoy. Contact us if you need assistance. 

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