Energiser replacment circuits

Energiser replacment circuits
Please note: These circuit boards are for current and most recent models. They are easy to install on site.
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Hotline/RENCO Limited is justifiably proud of their range of electric fence energisers. The build quality and reliability of their energiser range is second to none. Confidence in the build quality is supported by a 2-year (increased to 3 years for all models from April 2013) warranty for all Hotline electric fence energisers.

For ease of service and repair in the event of a fault, all Hotline electric fence energisers have easily replaceable printed circuits. Should an energiser circuit board develop a fault during the warranty period, the circuit board will be replaced free of charge.

Outside the warranty period, the simple solution is to purchase a new replacement board and using the detailed instructions provided, very quickly and easily have your energiser up and running again.