3 reel systems

3 reel systems
Our electric fence 3-Reel kits are designed for both temporary (portable) and semi-permanent electric fence installations.

3 Reel Electric Fence kits are extremely versatile, can be adapted to suit many portable electric fencing applications and becaus
Standard 500m 3-Reel System (Polywire & Standard Reels)

Hotline standard 500m 3-Reel System (Polywire & Standard Reels).

£415.80 £477.24

Premium 500m 3-Reel System (Polywire & 3:1 Geared Reels)

This 3-Reel System, includes everything you need to erect a Electroplastic wire fence system up 500m in total length (approximately 1.25ha). The kit is very similar to the entry level TP500/CP, but has upgraded polywire making this kit particularly suitab

£496.32 £570.00

400m 3-Reel System (Galvanised Wire & Metal Posts)

This Hotline 3-Reel System, includes everything you need to erect a galvanised wire fence system up 400m in total length (approximately 1ha).

£520.00 £659.69

400m 3-Reel System (Galvanised Wire & Plastic Posts)

This is a 400M (3 lines of 400m) Three-Reel Electric Fence Kit with Galvanised Wire and Plastic Posts:

£423.58 £481.38

Badger Electric Fencing Kit - 3 Reels 250m

This is a complete ready to set up and run 250m (3 lines of 250m), 3 reel electric fencing kit targeting badgers and other small to medium sized animals.

£591.71 £714.03

500M Complete Badger Barrier 3 Reel Electric Fence Kit

500M Complete Badger Barrier - 3 Reel Electric Fence Kit

£625.39 £902.22

Gallagher SmartFence V2 - 10 posts, 4 wires and reels in one system (100m)

All in one, four wire, 100m, fully portable instant fence system.
Very quick and easy to assemble and easy to carry and store away
Can be connected to any energizer for instant electric fence protection



3 reel fence kits are particularly useful for protecting original fence work, protecting hedges and protecting walls. A 3 reel system can also be used to quickly sub-divide fields to restrict animal movement and is perfect for containing sheep, cattle, pigs, or a mix of livestock. Many of our customers have found 3 reel fence kits effective, protecting lawns in their gardens from badgers.

Whether protecting your land from feral invaders, containing livestock or giving a newly planted hedge a head start; 3 reel kits are often the first choice of electric fencing.