General Purpose Earth Spike - 0,5m

Brand: Hotline
Brand: Hotline

General Purpose Earth Spike - 0,5m

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This Hotline 0.5m earth spike is useful for electric fencing applications using 6v and 9v energisers.

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Hotline General Purpose Earth Spike - 0,5m


This 0.5m earth spike is useful for electric fencing applications using 6v and 9v energisers and also for 12v applications where it may be impractical or impossible to use a longer, or larger diameter earth spike due to the ground conditions  being too hard, or a need to move the energiser quite frequently, such as when strip grazing.

Firstly... A good earth system for your electric fence is ESSENTIAL - YOUR FENCE WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT IT and a single one of these 0.5m earth spikes may well be sufficient for use with a small 6v, or 9v energiser, but is unlikely to be sufficient for a 12v unit and/or longer fence system. 

For 12v applications and/or longer fences using the 0.5m earth spike, you should always use more than one, preferably three to be confident that your system is working efficiently. Join the 3 earth spikes together using lead-out cable (about 2m, or 6 ish feet apart) and hammer all three into the ground as deep as you can get them. Please select the "3 spike" option above when ordering for use with 12v energisers.

If you're having problem with lack of voltage to the fence and assuming your electric fence lines are set-up correctly i.e. completely isolated using insulators etc. also assuming your fence energiser is working correctly and has enough power output for the job in the first place; then the most likely cause of the voltage problem is poor earthing, so NEVER under-estimate the importance of the earth spikes. As a rule of thumb, with good soil conditions you can expect 1m of spike inserted all the way into the ground to be good for approximately 1000m of single fence line; very dry, sandy, stony soil will reduce this, often significantly, so always test the fence and remember that on a longer electric fence, earth system problems are often solved simply by increasing the number of earth spikes.

Always ensure that the electric fence earth spike/s are installed at least 10m away from any other earth system - e.g. Household Earth, Neighbours or Outbuildings.



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Hotline Hotline Earth Spike - 0.5m
Hotline Earth Spike - 0.5m
£3.64 £3.50
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