Commercial Infrared 4.5Kw Waterproof Heater

Commercial Infrared 4.5Kw Waterproof Heater

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Commercial Infrared 4.5Kw Waterproof Heater

Electric Fence Online Commercial Infrared 4.5Kw Waterproof Heater


The 4.5 kW commercial, waterproof, short-wave infrared heater is designed for areas of up to approx. 25 square metres*. Ideal for un-insulated workshops, animal houses, barns, factories, warehouses, loading bays, busy yards and commercial use.

Being IP55 rated ensures the 4.5kW infrared heater is waterproof and protected from dust, dirt and oil. This 4.5kW infrared waterproof heater can be mounted inside or outside depending on your needs. A single heater unit consisting of 3 x 1.5kw lamps. The infrared 4.5kW heater can be fixed to a wall at an adjustable angle and it can also be hung from a roof space or high ceiling facing downward. 

Wherever you install the 4.5kW waterproof infrared heater it will provide instant heat for people and animals rather than just heating the space around them. Also using the anti-glare GOLD elements projects a comforting warmth the maximum distance possible for lamps of this type.


  • Heat span of up to approx. 25 square metres*
  • IP55 rated waterproof casing suitable for full outdoor use
  • 3 x 1.5kW quartz series lamps in one robust unit.
  • Cast aluminium construction with wire safety guards
  • Adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket for simple wall or ceiling fixings
  • 1.8m cable provided

Technical Data

  • Product: S-Glow 4.5kW quartz infrared heater
  • Voltage (V) - 230V
  • Total power (kW) - 2kW
  • Current (A) - 13A
  • Minimum mounting height from floor - 2.5 / 2.7m
  • Minimum distance from ceiling - 0.5m
  • Minimum distance from side wall - 1.5m
  • Dimensions approx. W x H x D - 1440 x 180 x 170mm
  • Weight (kg) - 8kg
  • Insulation - Class 1
  • Ingress protection (IP) - IP55
  • Colours - Black 
  • Elements - 3 x 1.5kW Linear Short-wave. Gold anti-glare coating
  • 5-7000 hour expected element life - Fully Replaceable

As standard, all heaters are delivered without a plug attached to the cable, to allow you to choose the best method of installation.

*Calculating the power output required with infrared heaters:

The absolute calculation for determining the total size of a heating system is very complicated, as it needs to take into account so many different factors, such as the construction material of the area, the insulation levels and the external and internal temperatures.

The calculations below give an approximate power output figures, but you should always bear in mind that the only true way to get the correct size of system is by experimentation.

  • Step One Calculate the area to be heated in square meters. Area (m2) = Length (m) x Width (m)
  • Step Two From the table below, select the factor that most closely matches the building type.
  • Step Three - Multiply the two figures to determine the approx. required KW to adequately heat the area. (If experimenting, go under to begin).

Heat load (kW) = Area (m2) x multiplying factor

Building Type Multiplying Factor
Small building with good insulation or suspended ceiling 0.08
Large room or area with good insulation, up to 3 meter ceiling height 0.10
Poorly insulated area with high ceiling and concrete floor 0.15
Uninsulated building where reasonable levels of comfort are required 0.20
General heating in a large building or workshop 0.25
Zone heating for an area with little or no heating 0.45

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