Catstop - automatic outdoor cat deterrent

Catstop - automatic outdoor cat deterrent


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Catstop - automatic outdoor cat deterrent

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CatStop is a safe, effective, easy to setup cat deterrent that can very quickly be installed to help protect your garden, vegetable patch, flowerbeds, play area, sandpit, courtyard, water features, yard etc. from destructive and/or messy visits from cats.

The CatStop is a motion-activated cat scarer that automatically detects cats as they approach and produces a harmless ultrasonic alarm. The sudden noise, which is inaudible to humans, startles the cat and will teach it to stay out of the protected area in future.

Keep cats away with a harmless blast of sound.



  • Safe and effective cat deterrent.
  • Works day and night without chemicals or unsightly barriers.
  • Motion sensor activated burst of ultrasound that humans can't hear.
  • One CatStop covers up to approximately 280 sq. ft. (26 square meters).
  • Can be fixed to wall or ground stakes (two provided).
  • Two-year warranty.

Using the CatStop is easy. Insert the battery (or connect the optional mains adaptor), fix to a wall or use one of the two stakes provided to setup your CatStop within the area to be guarded and its ready to scare its first cat away.

How does it work?

CatStop uses an infrared motion sensor to monitor an 80 degree arc up to a range of up to approximately 6m (20 feet). Any motion detected within this area triggers an utrasound burst that will startle the vast majority of cats and cause them to run for cover. Possible exceptions include deaf or hard of hearing cats and a small number of exotic cat breeds with an unusual hearing range. To safeguard against this possibility we recommend using CatStop in conjunction with ScareCrow, if that's feasible for the particular area you're protectecting.

The vast majority of cats will hear the CatStop; the average cat will hear a sudden, loud, 2 second burst of sound sweeping from 21Khz - 25Khz, you won't hear it, but... Not very nice if you're a cat! And as the CatStop will go off each time the cat visits, it should learn to stay away.

  • Monitoring Range: Up to approximately 20 feet (6 metres).
  • Senses motion within an 80 degree arc.
  • Operates for up to six months on a single 9-volt alkaline battery.
  • Up to 4,900 activations (20 per day = 245 days).
  • Optional 12v/ac adaptor also available.
  • 60 seconds sensor warm up time.
  • Red LED: indicates when the unit is activated.
  • Unit on time when activated: two seconds.
  • Output frequency sweeping from 21-25 KHZ.
  • Weather resistant construction, to provide years of service.
  • Two stakes included for versatile ground mounting (ground level, approximately 4' above ground and 10' above ground).

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