Electric Fencing for Cattle

Cattle fencing is an easy and effective way to contain and control cattle. If you’re introducing strip grazing, electric fencing is the perfect method to divide fields and easily rotate segments.
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Insulator Type
Post Type
Fence Material
Maximum Fence Length (km)
Battery type
Gallagher ElectroMax Wire 2.65 mm | 600 m

ElectroMax of Gallagher: 15% more conductive than standard 2.5 mm high tensile wire.


Pulsara Reel - 200 m

This Pulsara reel is for 200 m wire. With hand grip and hook to hang on the fence wire. Ideal for subdividing the plot. Includes brake.


Hotline Paddock Essentials white pigtail post

Cost-effective galvanised sprung steel pigtail electric fence post from the Hotline 'Paddock' range, with tread-in.


Hotline SS93 Supercharge Rope Connector (stainless steel)

Galvanised twin bolt steel connectors for steel and wire.


Hotline 5m Spring Gate Set

The anchors are screwed to wooden posts that can be up to 5-metres apart. Includes gate handle, spring and two gate anchors.


Gallagher Stranded Wire 2.0 mm | 6 KG | 400 m

High conductive 7 strand galvanished wire for long portable fences which are affected by growth.


Gallagher Stranded Wire 2,0 mm | 3 KG | 200 m

Thin steel wire (ø 2mm) with very good conductivity, suitable for very long, movable fences.




10x Gallagher Multi Wire Ring Top Post 1.10 m - White

The multi wire ring top has several movable insulators, making it easy to put up fencing at the required height. These fencing posts are also extremely suitable for fencing pastures with animals of different heights.


SmartFence PowerLine wire - 3 mm | 100m

Spare wire for the SmartFence.


SmartFence TurboLine wire 3 mm 100 m

Spare wire for your SmartFence.


Pulsara Pro 400 m Electric Fence Wire - White

- Pulsara Pro wire 400m
- UV-resistant for extra durability
- 6 galvanized steel conductors
- High quality price ratio

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Electric Fencing for Cattle

When implementing cattle fencing, electric fences are a safe, cost-effective and useful tool to choose. When compared to traditional fencing or barbed wire options, it’s a no-brainer. With electric fencing systems, there are many options available. From offset fences to electrify existing fences, to mobile fences perfect for strip grazing, whatever your priorities there’s an optimum fence for your herd.

Dairy Cattle Fencing
For dairy farming, electric fencing is a versatile tool in the fields. If grassland management is a high priority for you, then mobile fencing makes it quick and easy to move stock and rotate between grazing and resting. Usually when containing dairy cows, only one line of wire/polywire/tape is necessary, as they are mostly docile.

Beef Cattle Fencing
When it comes to beef cattle and suckler herds, a more substantial fence would be advisable. Either 2 or 3 lines of cattle fencing is usually sufficient to keep them contained. A system is also often more successful if a thicker rope is chosen for the conductor, rather than wire or polywire. This is because it is more easily visible for the herd.

We offer a full range of cattle fencing options, if you would like to speak to one of our experts, please contact us via our Help Centre.


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