Electric Fencing for Badgers

Electric fencing against badgers has become more and more popular over the last few years, especially since the resurgence of bovine TB. as well as the growing number of badgers in urban areas.
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Ultrasonic Fox & Badger Deterrent with Nighteyes MP1F 12/240V

This latest development of the popular MP1 deterrent, combines the powerful and
irritating (to pests) ultrasonic sounds of the standard deterrent with the disturbing (to pests) presence
of the Bright Eyes to give you the best all in one pest deterrent a


Ultrasonic Fox & Badger Deterrent MP1 12/240V

Powerful industrial grade ultrasonic fox and badger deterrent (repellent) device, suitable for fixed installations both indoor and out.


Hotline HLB500 FALCON Battery Electric Fence Energiser 1.4J

The 12V Hotline HLB500 (was P500) Falcon battery powered electric fence energiser is a high power fencer for multi-purpose use. The Falcon energiser is suitable for all farm uses where mains power is unavailable. It is ideal for sheep, (up to 15 electrifi

£148.95 £159.99

Hotline Corner Screw-In Insulator

Hotline Corner Screw-In Insulator.

£4.99 £5.28

Hotline 12V / Mains HOTLINE HLC120 Gemini Electric Fence Energiser 1.2J

The most powerful of the 'Combi' range of fence energisers, the Hotline HLC120 Gemini provides the best of both worlds when it comes to choice of power supply as it will run both from mains power or 12v battery. This energiser is a good General Purpose fe


Electric Fencing for Badgers

Tuberculosis to one side, badgers are well-known for digging up lawns, golf greens and bowling greens to get to worms and grubs, as well as deciding that your garden makes an ideal latrine.

As for foxes, the two main types of electric fencing for badgers are electrified poultry (or rabbit) netting or a multi-strand wire system; in the case of badgers, four fence lines close to the ground are sufficient. On first setting up an electric fence to keep badgers away, it is important that the fence is used 24-hours a day. Some energisers have the ability to reduce power after dark so, if you have one of these energisers, make sure that the night-time setting is switched off. The reason for this is obvious, since badgers are primarily nocturnal.

Badgers are creatures of habit and very inquisitive, so they will almost definititely investigate the new badger fence within the first 24-48 hours. Over the first 2-3 weeks, badgers will repeatedly investigate the electric fence, looking for ways to get through or around. During this time, they will receive a number of electric shocks and, eventually, they will abandon the territory or access route in favour of somewhere less painful. If you should find that the badgers are not investigating the fence line, or you would just like to make sure, you can 'bait' the fence using meat, jam or peanut butter to encourage the animal(s) to take a closer look.


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