Electric Netting Pen Kit for Poultry - 50m

Brand: Hotline
Brand: Hotline

Electric Netting Pen Kit for Poultry - 50m

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Hotline Electric Netting Kit for Poultry - 50m.

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Hotline Electric Netting Pen Kit for Poultry - 50m


These poultry fencing netting kits are quick and easy to set up and include everything you need* to create a safe and secure pen for your poultry. 

The poultry pen kits are designed as much in mind to keep the foxes out as to keep your chickens in.
Foxes don't tend to take a running jump at a fence, they prefer to try to climb a fence or even jump to the top in order to have a look over the other side and make sure its safe for them to go further; a fox will more often 'stalk' the fence and perhaps test it from a few points for weakness. All of these behaviour patterns help make electric fencing and electrified netting in particular, very effective against the fox, but the close mesh design of the net also make the netting effective against other predators such as badgers, mink etc.

The netting kits are easy to set up and to demonstrate we have some useful information, including a number of excellent instructional videos in our 'Useful Guides' section (see far right) that we hope will help you learn how to setup your own poultry pen. poultry netting installation & video guides

In summary:
First strim the grass where your netting is to be positioned then unroll the net and push the posts, which are already attached to the netting, firmly into the ground. Use the twine that tied the netting during transit to tie the first and last posts together. The bottom line of netting isn't live, so once the net is in place, check carefully along the entire net for any lumps and bumps in the ground that are creating gaps that an animal could get under and use the short pegs provided to firmly fix the bottom line in these areas to close the gap. Extra posts are also provided for the corners and also for wherever the netting needs additional support i.e. wherever it is sagging, or on particularly rough or exposed ground. These posts should be woven in and out through the net at these points and the top and bottom line of the net and can make a huge difference. (If this isn't enough, then additional posts are available). Finally, additional pegs are provided for use in the corners to help keep the top line tight, much like a guy line on a tent, fix the lines about half way up the corner posts and then peg into the ground. The energiser and earth spike/s should then be connected to the netting as per instructions provided with the energiser.

Although not part of the kit, many of our customers suggest the addition of a flashing light, such as our Voltage Indicator Lamp to try and increase the level of deterrent; depending on the individual fox, this may work, but even if not, by adding this item to your kit you can look out the window at night and see if there is power to your poultry net.


This Poultry Netting Kit includes the following items:

  • 1 x Hotline HLC80 Gemini Combi Energiser - Mains or 12v Battery Powered* (47HLC80).
  • 1 x ES2 Earth Spike (47ES2)
  • 1 x 50m Green Poultry Net with 14 integral fence posts attached, gate post section, guy ropes, pegs and repair kit (7MH5L)
  • 4 x CP112 Poultry Net, Heavy Duty rigid double spiked Corner Posts (47CP112)
  • 1 x N40 Netting Warning Sign (47N40)
  • Relevant connectors/leads.



* If using mains power


HT Lead Out Cable: The energiser must be housed indoors, or in an outbuilding etc. if running from mains and you will need sufficient lead-out cable to make your connections from the energiser to the net and also from the energiser to the earth spike; the spike doesn't have to be right next to the netting, but it MUST be 10m or more from any other earth.

* If using battery power


You will need a 12v battery such as the Hotline LS70 Sealed Leisure Battery and the means to charge it, such as the Guardian 7A Battery Charger.


If your land is undulating, or you're likely to move the poultry pen on a regular basis, you may wish to consider one of our Deluxe poultry kits, which are supplied with a more powerful energiser, some extra support posts and a gate.

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There are no reviews written yet about this product.

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