Portable Briefcase Solar Battery Charger kit - 40W, 12v

Portable Briefcase Solar Battery Charger kit - 40W, 12v


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- 40 W - Easy to setup, portable, solar power kit - All in one solar 12 V charger package - Produce up to approx. 28 ah per day

Electric Fence Online Portable Briefcase Solar Battery Charger kit - 40W, 12v


Simple Solar… At last!

Here is an easy to setup, portable, solar power kit that really is an “all in one” solar 12v charger package. This solar charger is perfect for any portable/semi-permanent 12v solar charging, from our own electric fencing applications through to travelling with the horse-box, touring with your caravan or motorhome, boat etc.

The solar briefcase package is ideal for using solar power to charge any 12v batteries, whether sealed, open, car, leisure, gel etc. The type of 12v battery doesn’t matter, but if portability and a speedy setup is an important consideration, then this is the solar powered charger for you!

There are of course even more convenient, self-contained solar energisers available such as our Fire Drake energiser, but if you already have a good battery powered energiser, especially if it’s a more powerful model, you can add this solar briefcase kit to your fence system to charge the battery, eliminating the chore of lugging a heavy battery back for mains charging. For strip-grazing applications, setting up the solar briefcase adds the shortest possible time to relocating your fence.

The 12v solar briefcase charger is made from highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells and the construction is entirely waterproof with zero risk of short-circuiting when wet. There is a built-in charge controller, which is also waterproof (IP66). The charge controller is an important device that regulates the charge into the battery, ensuring that you can’t overcharge and damage your battery, especially during the summer months.

The solar briefcase also has a built-in stand that is quick and easy to setup and once this is done, the cable (5m long with crocodile clips) is ready for you to connect to the battery.


  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels with hinged frames
  • Built-in Stand
  • Solar charge controller (fully waterproof, IP66 rated)
  • Sprung carry handle
  • High quality rigid canvas carry case - the briefcase
  • In-line fuse between solar system and battery
  • 5m Cable with crocodile clips for battery connection

The 12v solar briefcase battery charger is available in different sizes from 40w to 100w. Please see technical specifications below.





The 12v solar briefcase battery charger is available in different sizes from 40w to 100w

DIMENSIONS Folded (mm) Open (mm) Weight
Height Width Depth Height Width Depth
40w Briefcase Kit 470 345 60 470 690 30 5.4kg
60w Briefcase Kit 645 345 60 645 690 30 10kg
80w Briefcase Kit 550 505 60 550 1010 30 13kg
100w Briefcase Kit 690 505 60 690 1010 30 14kg

During the summer months you can expect your solar panel to produce up to:

  • 40w Solar Briefcase – approx. 28ah per day
  • 60w Solar Briefcase – approx. 42ah per day
  • 80w Solar Briefcase – approx. 56ah per day
  • 100w Solar Briefcase – approx. 70ah per day

But in winter the weaker sunlight and shorter daylight hours reduces this significantly:

  • 40w Solar Briefcase – approx. 2ah per day
  • 60w Solar Briefcase – approx. 3ah per day
  • 80w Solar Briefcase – approx. 4ah per day
  • 100w Solar Briefcase – approx. 5ah per day

In real terms this means that if your energiser is running all year round, you will need a larger solar panel than if the energiser was only required during the "growing season

Worst case winter scenario; the solar panel doesn't keep up with your energisers power consumption and you need to fall back to mains charging a couple of times during the winter months… the solar panel will still be extending the interval between having to use the mains charger.

Please Consider that using solar power isn't the same as flicking the switch at home and even during the summer months, prolonged periods of cloud and rain will reduce power production. For the most reliable system and if budget allows, choose a larger solar panel and a high quality leisure battery of at least 80ah, preferably more.

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