Electric Fence Battery Powered Post & Rail Protector Kit - 200m

Brand: Hotline
Brand: Hotline

Electric Fence Battery Powered Post & Rail Protector Kit - 200m


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Hotline Battery Powered 200m Post & Rail Protector with gate.

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Hotline Electric Fence Battery Powered Post & Rail Protector Kit - 200m


This simple electric fencing kit includes all the additional components necessary to incorporate two single line bungy gates into your paddock protection fence line.

Essentially this is an enhanced version of the original 200m Battery Electric Fence - Post & Rail Protector Kit 1 and the selection of electric fencing components included will enable you to install either a single 200m length of 'Top Rail Protection' electric fencing, or two lines of 100m each around your post and rail paddock fence and also two single line gates. Installation is an easy DIY job and lends itself to more extensive projects by providing a reliable and cost-effective starting point many electric fencing applications.


The fence kit is easy to install and is available both with and without our duel leisure battery and charger set.

Should you wish to extend the rope beyond 200m, this is easily done through acquisition of additional kit items, simply follow the links below to the individual products and select as required, but don't forget to add important items like connectors, to join the rope to more rope etc.


This electric fence kit comprises of:

  • 1 x Hotline P450S Hobby Energiser (47HLB50) - A high quality, medium power energiser with good battery performance.
  • 1 x 1m Earth Spike  (47ES2)- Push this all the way into the ground and connect to the earth terminal of the energiser.
  • 12 x KS15 (4 x Packs of 3) Corner Screw-In Insulator (47KS15-3) - To provide anchors for the start and end of the fence, plus for any corners.
  • 60 x P37SL/20 (3 x Packs of 20) Stand Off Insulators (47P37SL-20) - Holds the rope away from the existing fencing.
  • 200m of P51G/2 Green & White Electrified Rope (47P51-2G)- Stronger and longer lasting than tape, but still highly visible to your horse and pony.
  • 2 x P40 Warning Signs (47P40) - Required by law if the fence is accessible to the public.
  • 3 x C92 (Pack of 4) Rope Connectors (47C92-4) - Use wherever you need to tie-off the fence line, unlike tying knots they don't damage the conductors.
  • 1 x P20b -Audible Electric Fence Tester (47P70) - A simple tester to confirm the fence is live, just hold it near and listen for the beep.
  • 1 x P36 Digital Fence Tester (47P36) - Gives you a voltage reading and enables you to more accurately test the fence performance.
  • 1 x C75 - Tape Clamp (47C73-2) - To link two lines together (if you choose to set them up), although designed for tape, they're perfectly acceptable for rope.
  • 1 x Eco Chuck (47CS1E) - Holds a Stand Off Insulator and lets you use a battery drill to screw it into the post.
  • 2 x P59 Electro-Rope Gate kit (47P59) - Includes the fittings required to install an electrified rope gate line.
  • 1 x 25m Roll of Lead Out Cable (47HT25G) - Use to carry the fence current under the gate and ensure the entire system functions at optimum level.

Optional Item

Electric Fence Battery Set Numax (12V / 64Ah) - Unique electric fence battery and charger set from Numax is based on the 'fit one charge one' solution. Specifically designed for electric fencing systems and helps ensure you're never without a charged battery for your fencing system.

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